Bird Feeder WebCam

Bird Feeder WebCam: This is a window mounted bird feeder in South Eastern Pennsylvania.

Bird Feeder WebCam Image 1  Bird Feeder WebCam Image 2

Coatesville, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Time:

If you would like to help purchase bird seed for this feeder, please donate! Your donations will be used to purchase bird food (seed) for this feeder, maintain the feeder, and maintain the web-camera and the equipment that supports it.

Live from Coatesville, Pennsylvania

The two images above will alternately automatically refresh each minute. Or you can open this auto-refresh page instead.

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About the Bird Feeder WebCam

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The picture only gets updated during daylight hours here, Eastern Time (ET). So between dawn and dusk the camera should be operating. After those hours, you should see the last two pictures captured. Or, you can look at the...

Archive of bird pictures.


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