Bird Feeder Cam Gadget

Bird Feeder Web Cam Gadget: This is a Google Gadget that shows a Bird Feeder Web Cam that refreshes every two minutes.

Bird Feeder Web Cam Gadget
Bird Feeder Cam

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The Bird Feeder Cam Gadget updates once every two minutes and is not configurable. The Bird Feeder Cam Gadget works best with screen resolutions of 1024x768 and higher. To add the gadget to your personalized Google Homepage, click the button above.

The picture only gets updated during daylight hours here, Eastern Time (ET), Coatesville, PA, USA. So the camera should be operating between dawn and dusk. If you are looking at the gadget at a time when it would be dark here, you will see the last picture that it captured, near dusk.

The update mechanism uses a JavaScript with a timer. If you have JavaScript disabled, or disabled for the domain, it will not update unless you refresh your page.

Depending on what browser you use, if you leave your individualized Google page, the JavaScript may stop executing. When you return to the Google page, the JavaScript should kick back in, and recognize that it has been more than two minutes and update the picture. Time it with a watch, you should see it update.

There is a date and time-stamp at the bottom of the picture. If the date time isn't within the last couple minutes (ET), that means that my inexpensive camera software has stopped updating.

Read  details about the Bird Feeder Cam.