Small Bass and Spinner Bait

This is a small bass I caught in the lake next to our house, Chamber's Lake.

Another Small Bass with different Spinner Bait

Another small bass caught minutes later with a different Spinner Bait.

Only Three Pounds

Here I am in my bass boat in North Carolina in Falls lake.

Dad Supervising

Dad and I went on a fishing trip to Florida in August of 2005. Here Dad is watching our guide, Brett Isackson, put his boat into a canal behind a supermarket.

First Peacock Bass

Dad with a nice Peacock Bass. That first day we caught 17 Peacocks, and Dad caught nine of 'em.

Small Peacock Bass

He caught the biggest ones too.

Dad fishing

Dad fishing, as Brett looks ahead to where we can best find the biguns.

Me holding a nice Peacock Bass

Nice sized Peacock Bass. These fish fight, and are lots of fun to catch.

Dad with another one

Here's Dad, outfishing me, and Brett looking on.

Another nice Peacock Bass

Another nice sized Peacock Bass. This one is a male, you can tell from the lump on his head.

Canal cul-de-sac

This was a kind of canal cul-de-sac, we only caught one fish in here, but it sure is a pretty view.

Pretty orange colored goldfish looking fish.

This is a chicalid, and they have nasty sharp teeth. The peacock bass is related to these, but doesn't have teeth.

Dad looking dapper holding a Peacock.

On the second day fishing for Peacocks, Dad and I caught an equal number of fish, I think seven each, but Dad caught all Peacocks.

Small Largemouth Bass

This is a small largemouth bass I caught at the end of the day..

Blue Heron in park

This is a park we stopped at on our way to our hotel in Clewiston, heading north from Sunrise, FL.

Heron flapping wings

This park was right next to a big bank (not in this picture) that if you climbed it, you could see lake Okeechobee.

Big Largemouth Bass

Here Dad is, with our guide, Mark Shepard looking on, catching a big largemouth on the last day of our trip. On that day we were fishing in lake Okeechobee.

Big Largemouth Bass

This is a good sized, around five pounds, largemouth bass I caught on that last day of our fishing trip. I caught nine bass that day, all about this size. We only stayed out a few hours, because hurricane Katrina was coming, it was a bit windy.