M. Craig Weaver

(610)-380-0737 (H)   (302)-690-1561 (M)


A progressively challenging and rewarding career in Software Design and Development leading into a management position. This position would be in the greater Philadelphia, Valley Forge, or Lancaster area.

Software Development

Extensive experience in the design and development of Networking software for Unisys Corporation, a worldwide information technology services and solutions company.


ALGOL, Pascal, Intel Assembler, C, C++, FORTRAN, IBM BAL, PL/I, HTML, Java, JavaScript and others. I am most interested in programming in C, C++, or Java if that opportunity arises. My philosophy on computer languages is that if you give me a manual, a sample program and a week, then I'll be able to program in the language in question.


Microsoft Windows based systems (WIN9x/WINNT/WIN2000/WINXP); Unisys A-Series; Unisys V-Series; Unisys Clearpath; Unisys ES7000; Burroughs Large Systems; Burroughs Medium systems; Intel Processor based communications processor cards; Burroughs CP9500/B900.


Miscelaneous Training

Basic Project Management 


Ethics Awareness Training


Comprehensive Introduction to Fibre Channel


Advanced Kernel Debugging for Windows 2000/XP


JAVA Programming


HTML Programming


MS Windows Architecture for Developers


C++ Programming 


Employment History

Unisys Corporation


Malvern, Pennsylvania

Dump Conversion Utility


Author of a command line utility to convert a raw dump from a Unisys Fibre Channel Adapter board taken on either a Windows based Network Appliance or a Clearpath server, into ELF (Executable Linkable Format).to be used by a Metrowerks MIPS debugger for analysis.



Webmaster for internal SIOS (Server I/O Solution s) group. Maintain SIOS web site, creating web pages as needed, including SIOS Home Page, IA-64 web site, SIOS Development Process Guide site, Critical Accounts pages, etc. Tools used include Web Publisher; CuteHTML; FrontPage; Alert Link Runner; Notepad (as an HTML editor).

Lab Manager


Installed, configured, and maintained all electronic hardware and software including a variety of Windows based servers used for testing, as well as debugger stations. Equipment included: Unisys ES7000, Unisys ES5085, switches, hubs, Fibre Channel, LAN, and Wi-Fi. Lab and server management: Managed various servers used for testing, as well as a file server used for patch management and a server used for generating software releases. Responsibilities included Server security, backups, and maintenance.

Test Engineer for Fibre Channel Adapter Group


Lead test engineer for the Unisys Intelligent Fibre Channel Adapter products. Composed and maintained the various test plan documents, including test requirements definition, function and integration test. Identified tools and resources necessary to accomplish requirements and tests. Worked with the team to achieve POR (Plan of Record) as set forth by program management. Executed all Microsoft Hardware Compatibility Tests, as well as all performance, function, and integration tests, tracking test results in a data base. Built (sysgened) all the software for the WIN2000 and .NET platforms as needed, working with Visual Basic, Visual C++, Metrowerks Codewarrior, InstallShield, Developer and Visual Source Safe (Visual Studio). Performed regression testing, board testing and verification, as well as tracking and management of Fibre Channel boards.

Support of Networking Software


Supported various portions of Burroughs Network Architecture (BNA), a Unisys proprietary Layered Network Architecture.

Responded to customer trouble reports and queries, interacting with customers and field representatives, making corrections in various portions of the BNA software written in NEWP (variant of Algol) and Pascal.

Designer on Network Provider Project


Responsible for design and implementation of Operations Interface Router with interfaces to various modules that constitute Burroughs Network Architecture (BNA), a Unisys proprietary Layered Network Architecture.

Also involved in implementation of the BNA Router (network) layer of the Networking Architecture.

Critical Accounts Manager


Tracked critical accounts for all A-Series Networking products (seven product groups) and coordinated resolutions for these accounts. Responsibilities: monitored World Wide Alert activity and actively intervened to insure that issues were resolved as quickly as possible; Clearly identified problems, devised an appropriate action plan and involved the neces sary managers and engineering experts; provided emergency support, carried a pager 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Section Manager Support Team


Managed a support team supporting a number of networking products. Managed 10 to 15 people that handled software trouble reports on a variety of projects. Performed personnel reviews, handled the budgeting of hardware and equipment needs.

Team Leader V-Series BNA Development


Instrumental in developing overall communications plan for Unisys V Series mainframes.

Responsible for planning and original design of BNA Network Controller software.

Responsible for design and implementation of software for the V-Series Inbuilt Communication Processor, ICPV. Ported the processor executive, networking software, and 802.3 LAN software into the new ICPV hardware.

A-Series ICP-1 Project


Primarily responsible for the design and implementation of the Interface Handler module which handles the external programmatic user interface. The Interface Handler is a portion of the Local Control Facility, which in turn is a component of the Network Management suite of utilities.

Team Leader XE550 project


Technical team leader for the Operations Interface team on the XE550 project. The XE550 project was the implementation of BNA I on a UNIX machine using the C language.

B900 BNA-I Project


Worked on original project to implement Burroughs Network Architecture on the B900, a mini-computer.



Potsdam College of Arts and Science


Potsdam, New York

Bachelor of Arts in Computer Information Sciences

GPA 3.27/4.00 Graduated Cum Laude

Member of Epsilon Delta Pi: Computer Science Honor Society

Member of Pi Mu Epsilon: Mathematics Honor Society


Extracurricular activities

Enjoy gourmet cooking, weight lifting, fishing, and investing.



Excellent references will be furnished upon request.

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