Notes about The Daily TagLine

A tagline is a line or more of text that people often include at the end of their email messages. They might even make the line a part of their email signature.

"Taglines are the bumper stickers of the on-line world. They range from racy to quizzical to just plain dumb."
     - Modems for Dummies 2nd Edition.

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The Daily Tagline is a quote, paragraph, poem, haiku, or just some text that amuses me for some reason.

The Daily Tagline is intended to amuse, amaze, astound, educate or offend you. There's a new TagLine displayed here every day. If you read it everyday, eventually you'll find something that offends you. There's something for everyone!

Almost all of the taglines, that get displayed here, were once part of a large tagline file that I had on an email system that randomly selected a tagline for each email message I sent.

You're welcome to to let me know how terribly offended you are, but I'll probably just ignore you. If you want to submit something to be included in my archive of TagLines that show up on The Daily Tagline page, then by all means, do so... but I'll probably still just ignore you, unless its something that I really like. Of course, if you email me to let me know that you thought a tagline was great, and you flatter me enough, then I'll probably respond.


One more note:
The old version of "The Daily Tagline" had lots of cute tricksey JavaScript stuff: a funny mouse pointer, sparkles that follow the pointer, links that moved around and commentary text that lit up when you put your mouse cursor over one of the moving links, and other stuff. It seems that most of what it did has been disabled in modern browsers. If you would like to see that page, even though it doesn't really work, then you can still find it at The Old Daily Tagline