Different Cuts of Pork Ribs

Full Cut Spareribs
Full Slab Spareribs.

Spareribs are the normal rack of ribs, and are less expensive than other cuts of ribs. St. Louis style ribs are trimmed spareribs that have the brisket bone and skirt (diaphragm) removed. Kansas City style ribs are trimmed even more closely than the St. Louis style ribs, and have the hard bone removed.  I personally prefer the untrimmed full slab spareribs to other styles.

Baby Back Ribs
Baby Back Ribs

Baby back ribs, sometimes called loin ribs or back ribs, are shorter and smaller, and leaner and meatier than spareribs, as well as costing more per pound.

Country Style Ribs
Country Style Ribs

Country style ribs are from the blade end of the loin (the upper part of the back bone behind the shoulder), and aren't really ribs, but are chops.  They have a higher ratio of tissue to bone, than other types of ribs. That is more of their weight comes from meat and fat.  They can be prepared like spareribs, but are best cooked in a crock pot, they can also be grilled like regular pork chops.  If you are grilling country style ribs like you would chops, then watch for flare-ups, as these tend to have a bit more fat on them than other chops. 

Country Style Ribs

Country Style Ribs (separated)


Diagram of where these cuts come from.

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