Craig's Recipes Home

Here are some of my favorite recipes. They aren't necessarily healthy, but they all taste good!

What makes this web site different from other recipe web sites is that I actually use these recipes at home and have made all of them. They haven't been donated or added by other users of my web site.

When I want to use one of these recipes, I print it out from here, or take my iPad to the kitchen and use it just as it is on this web site. If I find a problem with the recipe, I change it. If I change my technique, or decide that doing something in a different order is better, maybe a change will use fewer preparation dishes, or cooking pans, then I make that change in the recipe here on the web site.

The pictures are not professional or studio pictures, but are pictures that were taken by me, or one of my family members, of food that I have prepared.

Most of the ingredients are fairly easy to obtain. I get almost everything at local stores or farms.