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Big Ugly Guy (Picture Taken: 4/26/2007 9:39am)

I also have an ASCII art representation of this image.
Or an interesting Mosaic of this image, made up of all the pictures in my family photo album.

Hi! I'm Craig. I live near Valley Forge, Pennsylvania. I'm a Software Engineer. I've spent the bulk of my career developing networking software, layered network architectures like TCP/IP for Unisys systems. I worked in IPv6 (Internet Protocol version 6) on Unisys Clearpath MCP systems. I left Unisys Corporation in December of 2007, and started working for SWIFT in January 2008.

SWIFT is the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication, basically, the world wide banking network. It is a cooperative, not a corporation, and is owned by the member banks that use the network. I worked on their high security, high availability network software. I really enjoyed working there, the environment was nice, the people I worked with were great, and I enjoyed the work I did. My contract was cancelled in April of 2010, because of the poor world economy, but I was asked to come back, and returned in January of 2011. Then in June of 2014 they did not renew my contract.

I worked at Unisys for more than 26 years and enjoyed my time there. I was treated well over the years and I miss the people that I worked with there too. Anyway, while I was there I collected a few Unisys coffee mugs that you can see below.

Coffee Mugs from Unisys Corporation, collected over a quarter of a century


I have two wonderful children: Jonathan, born in 1988, and Laura, born in 1993. Here's a newer picture of Laura.

I also have a lovely wife, Debra. Here is a picture of Debra on Ellis Island.

And here is our family photo album.


I enjoy cooking. And more than that, I enjoy eating. I have a number of recipes web pages that I will be turning into their own web site: craigs recipes. I like playing trivia games, fishing, playing chess, playing Team Fortress 2 for the PC online, and hanging with my friends. I also enjoy good food and wine, and going to micro-breweries. I used to enjoy working out, body building, weight lifting. Let see... My single rep bench press record is 355 pounds (March 2000), 320 in competition (April 2000). I haven't lifted weights for many years now and I've gotten a belly. I can't lift nearly what I used to be able to.

Speaking of my friends, here are a few old pictures at the gym.

And here is my very effective body-building diet.

Here are a couple older pictures, when I was actually in shape -- I guess I'm in shape now... round is a shape:

     Beard Boy (Picture Taken: 24 September 1999)             Hit Man (Picture Taken: 24 September 1999)

This Web Site

My most popular page used to be my rot13 page, but that page has lost some of it's popularity.  My most popular page is now my How to Cook Great Ribs page. My Google Bird Feeder Cam Gadget gets more hits than anything else, but is not technically a web page. I also have a serious page about diet and bodybuilding. Oh yeah, I also want to turn my Daily Tagline page into a blog at some point.


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